corpuls CPR

Best possible support in resuscitation

The corpuls cpr has established a new generation of chest compression devices for Emergency Medical Services and hospitals for the best possible patient care.


The Next Generation of corpuls3T

The modular design of the  corpuls3T allows complete mechanical separation of the Defibrillator/Pacer. The modules remain wirelessly connected. As a result, the weight of the corpuls3T system can be significantly reduced – ideal for better mobility and flexibility in a time-critical transfer of the patient e.g. from ambulance to hospital. This allows shock delivery from a safe distance via the Monitoring Unit.


The modules can be separated at any time, as and when required. They communicate wirelessly, eliminating annoying cables. The corpuls 3 adapts optimally to the users needs. Legendary and still unique, the corpuls 3 is used successfully by hundreds of organizations around the world.


Communication Professional

The built-in connectivity functions such as 4G modem,WLAN or LAN are ideal for telemedicine and the corpuls communication platform corpuls mission.


The corpuls 1 is a compact Defibrillator/Patient Monitor weighing 2.3 kg, suitable for hospitals, fire departments, and ambulance services. It offers clear monitoring of vital parameters on a 5.7″ display, functioning as both an AED and a manual defibrillator. The device can also be equipped with a pacer for arrhythmia treatment, providing a lightweight and versatile solution for various medical missions.


not only get the usual 12, but 22 leads

With the ECGmax you not only get the usual 12, but 22 leads and thus a much more comprehensive picture of the heart muscle including the posterior wall and the right side. The current European Society of Cardiology guidelines recommend that these be examined if possible.No additional effort is required and no electrodes have to be attached or positioned.

corpuls aed

Handy, sturdy and intuitive
The corpuls aed is the first step in the rescue chain, available in fully or semi-automated versions with an optional emergency call function. It promptly transmits emergency calls for remote CPR instructions, guiding users with clear pictograms and voice instructions for effective resuscitation.

corpuls simulation

Train how you fight – for lives.

With corpuls simulation we bring 100% realistic scenarios to your training. Just as pilots training in a flight simulator are thrown surprise complications, lifesavers training with corpuls simulation have to overcome unforeseen situations. This creates an incomparably realistic training situation. The result is a team that is optimally prepared for every scenario and therefore, a significantly better quality of care for the patient.


Medical Communication Platform
corpuls.mission is more than telemedicine; it’s a patient-focused communication platform for preclinical use. Gathering expertise during missions, it combines medical data, chat, video, and documentation. Breaking from traditional channels, it offers real-time access to diagnostics, medication plans, and live vital parameters from corpuls3T and corpuls3, maintaining high-quality standards.


The mission does not end when the case is closed

With corpuls.manager you combine this “loose” data and generate new knowledge from it. Retaining an overview – and control of your data. Delve into the details of a single mission or look at your missions as a whole. Automatic mission upload means that the latest information is always available to you, displayed in clear graphics and diagrams. Supported by artificial intelligence, you will discover new connections and save evaluation time.