Maximum safety in an emergency

In an emergency, every second counts. Every move has to be perfect, especially where respiration support is concerned, which is when prompt correct action can be a key factor in saving lives. The demands on emergency medical services are high in such situations, and easy operation of the ventilator is critical for a successful outcome. MEDUMAT Standard2 is the perfect partner for just this situation. It is intuitive to operate, reliable in use and its integrated hygience filter protects it from contamination, ultimately guaranteeing an unbeatable degree of safety for the patient, the user and the device itself!


Allows ventilation independently of oxygen cylinders. The turbine-driven emergency ventilator requires no external gas supply and maintains ventilation for an average of 8 hours on one battery charge*. The patient can still be supplied with supplemental oxygen at any time, with all the oxygen benefiting the patient. Using the globally compatible oxygen inlet tube enables you to generate concentrations of 21 % to 100 %.

Medumat Standard a

The ventilation standard for professionals

The MEDUMAT Standardᵃ ventilator is globally trusted for emergencies due to its user-friendly design and durability. It offers controlled and assisted ventilation, preventing injuries from improper ventilation rates. Its clear control panel allows easy parameter adjustments with visual and audible alarms for issues. A standout feature is its automatic triggering of breaths when the patient shows an inspiratory trigger.

Medumat Easy CPR

Mechanical ventilation the easy way

The MEDUMAT EasyCPR is a compact ventilator designed for emergency situations, ensuring safety for both patients and less experienced users. It serves as an ideal introduction to mechanical ventilation by supporting resuscitation (CPR) and emergency anesthesia (RSI). Featuring voice prompts and user-friendly attributes, it guides users through the treatment process effectively.


In an emergency, concentrate on the essentials

MEDUCORE Standard² is a compact and efficient monitor/defibrillator designed for quick deployment to emergency sites. Packed with essential functions for patient monitoring and extended diagnostics, it ensures swift and safe resuscitation processes. With intuitive operation and maximum safety features, it’s a reliable choice for users and patients alike.