Self-Loading stretcher

Spencer Crossover is a self-loading stretcher with adjustable heights for patient transport. It is a compact and light stretcher, usable in rescue operations on streets and rescue vehicles. The legs fold away independently, activating the dedicated commands during the unloading procedure, they open automatically. The loading carriage can be folded to make movement in confined spaces easier. Crossover is characterized by higher loading capacity than a standard Cross.

Carrera XL

Multilevel self-loading stretcher

CARRERA XL is a versatile self-loading stretcher, making patient transport practical and easy. With an intermediate position to reduce lifting risks, large wheels for smooth movement, and customizable options, it offers flexibility and convenience in various medical settings.

Cinco Mas

ambulance stretcher with 5 adjustable heights

Cinco Mas is a compact, lightweight self-loading stretcher with 5 adjustable heights, multiple access points and four pivoting wheels of large diameter fitted with a smart locking system. It is built to improve maneuverability and carry heavier patients up to 250 kg. Cinco Mas is 10G tested when used with the Sensor Lock fastening system.

Carrera activ

self-loading stretcher with shortening frame

Carrera Activ is a lightweight monobloc stretcher, ideal when you operate in very confined spaces. Its foldable frame offers greater room for manoeuvre, reducing considerably the length of the stretcher when it is needed.

Carrello Tec

Trolley for incubator

The equipment offers adjustable incubator supports, a convenient stainless steel instruments table, color-coded commands, and large wheels (two fixed, two pivoting) for easy movement, with rear wheel brakes for stability.


Ambulance Powered Stretcher

KINETIX is a 10G powered stretcher that can load up to 300 kg into an ambulance. It doesn’t require any lifting effort during patient transport and handling operations.

4Bell Silver+

lighweight stair chair

4Bell Silver+ is an FDA-compliant, EMS foldable stair chair crafted for efficiently transporting patients with mobility limitations from multi-story buildings. Designed according to EN 1865-1 specifications, it achieves 10G crash test compliance per EN 1789 when installed on the 4Bell Max+ bracket. With an aluminum frame for enhanced durability, it weighs a total of 9.4 kg (20.7 lb).

4Bell Stair+

foldable transfer and evacuation chair

4BELL STAIR+ is a lightweight, folding transport chair designed for transferring or evacuating patients with limited mobility from multi-storey buildings. Two self-braking tracks help to descend stairs in a safe and controlled manner. It is manufactured according to the specifications of standard EN 1865-4 and complies with standard EN 1789 when anchored to the dedicated 4BELL Stair+ Max anchoring system.



Electric Evacuation Chair

NEXTEP is a powered transport chair designed for efficient patient stair climbing and evacuation. Lightweight with aluminum alloy construction, it ensures controlled and effortless movement, operated by a single person. The chair offers great maneuverability, a quick-folding system, and a 10G-tested anchoring system. Choose from frame colors in white, blue, or red.

Spencer shell

universal basket stretcher

The Spencer Shell is a versatile basket stretcher with a protective high-density polyethylene shell for enhanced patient safety. Designed for multi-operator lifting, it works well in various rescue scenarios, featuring skids for smooth dragging and compatibility with both ground and aerial transport. Includes a restraint belt and floating footrest for added security.


carrying sheet with 10 handles and shoulders straps

WOW is a carrying sheet for patients with no signs of spine trauma, and it is made of durable, fireproof materials. It is the best solution for stairway descent when speed or cramped spaces prevent the use of stretchers or evacuation chairs. Only 2 operators are needed. The structure can be reinforced with aluminium rods and the adjustable straps help distribute the load over a larger area.

B-bak pin max

spinal board with pin

B-Bak Pin Max spine boards are designed to lift and immobilize patients with suspected spinal injuries. A must-have device for pre-hospital spinal immobilization, capable of lifting 454 kg with only 6 kg of weight. X-ray translucent.

Baby Go

paediatric spine board

Baby Go is a professional spine board which optimises the positioning and maintains the spine in neutral position with the ideal alignment for air flow. This is the reason why the device has four different profiles which guarantee the correct alignment of the child according to his body size.


Flash 24 (TANGO)

integrated pediatric and adult spine board

Being the only emergency backboard on the market with two integrated spine boards, Tango is very popular, because it saves space and can be separated to transport two patients (adult and paediatric) at the same time.


Nec Up

multi-size adult and paediatric cervical collar

Nec Up is a multi-size cervical collar. It is adjustable to fit multiple sizes whilst providing great cervical stability for traumatized patients: the adult model fits four sizes, the paediatric one fits three.


Super Blue

compact universal head immobilizer

Super is a compact head immobilizer that can be used with spine boards and the pick up stretcher. The adaptability to the patient’s head is ensured by a small air cushion integrated in the support’s core. It is made of high density foam to provide durability and waterproofness.


compact universal head immobilizer

TANGO FIX includes a paediatric and an adult head immobilizer (both adjustable) into a single device. PEDI FIX is the configuration for perfect head immobilisation of paediatric trauma patients, combining the PEDI GO paediatric cushion with the Tango Fix. Compatible with spine boards and scoop stretchers. The materials used for its production ensure long durability and high performance.


extrication/spine immobilization device

Sed is designed to provide fast and safe extrication of patients from vehicles or other confined spaces. It can be used on pregnant women, babies and children, immobilizing also the hip and pelvis areas.


spider straps system for spine boards

The Rock Straps is a universal spider strap system who allows the complete immobilization of adult or paediatric patients onto spine boards. To simplify use, the straps are colour-coded.


paediatric spider straps system

RSP is a spider belt system for the Baby Go spine board that helps immobilize the paediatric patient in the right position by measuring him/her height, thanks to the central section that acts as a tape measure.


traction/immobilization system

The Davis is a one-piece traction system for femur fractures, providing pain relief and preventing damage to tissues. It features self-adhering straps, a unique traction mechanism, and is easy to use and store with adjustable components and a durable nylon bag.


rigid splint with flexible internal structure

The Spencer Blue Splints Kit is essential for rescue workers, stabilizing limb fractures during pre-hospital transport. With 5 versatile splints, self-adherent straps, and an orange strap for quick attachment, it ensures fast and safe immobilization. The splints allow emergency infusion, are easy to clean, and come with a handy carry bag.


Vacuum Mattress

Res-Q-Matt Plus is a vacuum mattress for full-body immobilization during patient transport. It has nylon-padded handles, durable material for extreme temperatures, and a chromed brass on/off valve for long-lasting use.


portable rechargeable battery suction unit with wall mount 10g/20g

Ambujet is a portable compact suction unit with an integral indestructible polyethylene shell able to fully protect both the unit and the vase from bumps and impact damage. Securely fitted in a 20G tested wall mount, this battery-powered suction unit can be removed from the wall with the push of a button.



emergency backpack with bags

A911 is a rescue backpack extremely practical and versatile thanks to its compactness and lightness. The single backpack features a padded main compartment to ensure the safety of the content and has a reinforced structure to limit deformation.


multipurpose emergency backpack

R-Aid Pro is a multipurpose emergency backpack extremely versatile and robust. It is characterized by a structure integrated with the carrying points giving added strength and for a better support of the weight.