Vismo PVM-4700 Series

Bedside Monitor PM-4000 series

This monitor has two types of indicators. One is PPV(Pulse Pressure Variability), another one is SPV(Systolic pressure variability). PVM-4761 infused with different types of standard parameters: ECG, SpO2, NIBP.

SVM-7200 Series

Vital Signs Monitor SVM-7200 series

The Life Scope® SVM-7200 Series vital signs monitor is designed to address these needs, helping healthcare practitioners save time and increase efficiency in measuring, documenting and integrating vital signs parameters to patient medical records at the touch of a button.

Lifescope BSM-1700 Series

Life Scope PT

When transporting the patient, just slide out the Life Scope PT and attach it to the gurney, a cart or a pole beside the patient. During transport, Life Scope PT provides continuous monitoring while wirelessly transmitting patient data and waveforms to a central monitor.

Life Scope G5 Series

CSM-1500 Series

Transforming remote patient monitoring, our Smart Cable and MULTI socket system offers seamless multi-bed tracking with high-precision ec1 arrhythmia analysis. The user-friendly interface allows real-time data review without compromising current vital signs, ensuring efficient and accurate healthcare monitoring in any remote setting.


Revolutionizing Relationship

Life Scope G7 can send the patient vital sign data including the data from external device to the hospital information system directly or through a gateway using the HL7 protocol.

Central Monitor

For advanced monitoring

Our central monitoring system provides a flexible and cost-effective solution for facilities, accommodating monitoring needs for 16 to 48 individuals. It offers customizable display configurations per screen, ensuring efficient oversight tailored to specific situations.

cardiofax C

Quality diagnosis within reach

The 12-channel monitoring system, equipped with the ECAPS 12C ECG analysis program, boasts a 5-inch color TFT display for clear visualization of 12-lead ECG waveforms. Its compact and lightweight 1.1 kg body enhances portability, complemented by a long-life battery. Additionally, the system supports various data output types, providing a comprehensive and versatile solution for ECG monitoring in diverse settings.

cardiofax S

Quality diagnosis combined with all round versatility

The 6-channel ECG system features ECAPS 12C analysis, an 8-inch color TFT display, and a long-lasting battery. It enables real-time 12-lead ECG monitoring, ensuring fast and accurate examinations. The streamlined design and user-friendly interface make it efficient for healthcare professionals.

cardiofax M

Quality diagnosis combined with all round versatility

The cardiofax M is a 12-channel ECG system with ECAPS 12C analysis, featuring an 8-inch color TFT display and synECi18 technology for synthesized 18-lead ECG information from 12 leads. It ensures fast, high-quality examinations with accurate measurements, all in a streamlined design with a user-friendly interface for healthcare professionals.

cardiolife EMS 1052

Transitioning back to life

This light and compact device enables you to deliver a fast response to the patient on site. Nihon Kohden’s original innovative technology contributes to a better outcome for the patient and the integrated system for data transmission empowers your team to improve quality of resuscitation.

cardiolife tec-5600 series

Improving quality of resuscitation

The TEC-5600-series AED includes Bluetooth® data transfer, 3/6-lead ECG, SpO2, and ETCO2 monitoring. Its high-power 6.5-inch TFT LCD display ensures quick shock delivery and continuous observation. ECG analysis operates during CPR, and energy charging starts before the advised shock, enhancing emergency response efficiency.

cardiolife AED-3100

Safe and Efficient Treatment

The Cardiolife AED-3100 is the latest version of AED from Nihon Kohden. Cardiolife AED-3100 will guide the rescuer by using voice prompt designed in line with International Recommendations (ILCOR).


Automated external defibrillator with LCD display

AED-2150 is ideal for emergency use and can be operated easily by lay people. The voice output, which was designed in line with international recommendations (ILCOR), guides the user safely and systematically through the resuscitation procedures.

cardiolife AED Trainer

Training Unit

The AED training unit allows you to simulate the complete rescue process, from attaching defibrillation pads to pressing the shock button. The instructor benefits from a remote controller for added flexibility. Despite the “shock delivered” voice prompt when pressing the button, the training unit does not release any energy, ensuring a safe and realistic training environment.