Rescue BOA

Your Third Helper
Our boa consists of three parts: the antibacterial cover, a strap with hand loops and a rolled-up fleece blanket as a filling. If necessary, you can remove the cover and use the filling as a warming blanket for your patient. Each of the three parts can be ordered as a replacement.


ergo-mat - head fixation

For this model „PAX Ergo-Mat with integrated head fixation and neck support“, we attached a handle bar for transport. Our new, patented head-fixation system and the integrated neck support prevent the hyper-reclination of the cervical spine during transport.



PAX Rescue Backpacks are comfortable to wear, clearly organised and a compact. The history of PAX started with emergency backpacks. The evolution of the first PAX Backpack is the Wasserkuppe. It is still one of our most popular backpacks and has proven itself to stand the test of time out in the field. Our P5/11 backpack system uses micro-magnets meaning that the modules can be removed without velcro. This makes it much easier to clean and disinfect after use.



The PAX-Extremity-Tourniquet is a pressure bandage winch system for heavy bleedings at the extremities.