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CorpuLs CPR

Best possible support in resuscitation

The corpuls cpr has established a new generation of chest compression devices for Emergency Medical Services and hospitals for the best possible patient care.

Corpuls 1

The corpuls1 is a compact Defibrillator/Patient Monitor weighing 2.3 kg, suitable for hospitals, fire departments, and ambulance services. It offers clear monitoring of vital parameters on a 5.7″ display, functioning as both an AED and a manual defibrillator. The device can also be equipped with a pacer for arrhythmia treatment, providing a lightweight and versatile solution for various medical missions.

Corpuls 3

The modules can be separated at any time, as and when required. They communicate wirelessly, eliminating annoying cables. The corpuls3 adapts optimally to the users needs. Legendary and still unique, the corpuls3 is used successfully by hundreds of organizations around the world. Communication Professional

The built-in connectivity functions such as 4G modem,WLAN or LAN are ideal for telemedicine and the corpuls communication platform corpuls mission.



Maximum safety in an emergency

In an emergency, every second counts. Every move has to be perfect, especially where respiration support is concerned, which is when prompt correct action can be a key factor in saving lives. The demands on emergency medical services are high in such situations, and easy operation of the ventilator is critical for a successful outcome. MEDUMAT Standard2 is the perfect partner for just this situation. It is intuitive to operate, reliable in use and its integrated hygience filter protects it from contamination, ultimately guaranteeing an unbeatable degree of safety for the patient, the user and the device itself!


Allows ventilation independently of oxygen cylinders. The turbine-driven emergency ventilator requires no external gas supply and maintains ventilation for an average of 8 hours on one battery charge*. The patient can still be supplied with supplemental oxygen at any time, with all the oxygen benefiting the patient. Using the globally compatible oxygen inlet tube enables you to generate concentrations of 21 % to 100 %.


Defibrillation, Monitoring, Ventilation in One Hand

User-friendly technology of the highest medical standard is all-important here and MEDUCORE Standard2 won’t let you down. The practical defibrillation and monitoring unit can be quickly transported to the scene of an emergency and allows you to monitor all the important parameters effectively or, alternatively, assists you with resuscitation to ensure the right steps are taken up to shock delivery.



Self-Loading stretcher

Spencer Crossover is a self-loading stretcher with adjustable heights for patient transport. It is a compact and light stretcher, usable in rescue operations on streets and rescue vehicles. The legs fold away independently, activating the dedicated commands during the unloading procedure, they open automatically. The loading carriage can be folded to make movement in confined spaces easier. Crossover is characterized by higher loading capacity than a standard Cross.


Ambulance Powered Stretcher

KINETIX is a 10G powered stretcher that can load up to 300 kg into an ambulance. It doesn’t require any lifting effort during patient transport and handling operations.

4Bell Stair

Transport chair with four wheels

Spencer 4BELL Stair is a transport chair for the evacuation and transport of patient from the multi-storey building to the ambulance when the user unable to use the lift.

flash 47

Immobilization System

The system seamlessly integrates adult and pediatric spinal boards for rapid rescues. Specifically designed for anatomical fit, the pediatric board includes height-check belts. The head immobilizer securely fastens, enabling ear inspection, while ensuring patient comfort with its soft padding.

Carrello Tec

Trolley for incubator

The equipment offers adjustable incubator supports, a convenient stainless steel instruments table, color-coded commands, and large wheels (two fixed, two pivoting) for easy movement, with rear wheel brakes for stability.


patient monitoring


Vital Signs Monitor SVM-7200 series

The Life Scope® SVM-7200 Series vital signs monitor is designed to address these needs, helping healthcare practitioners save time and increase efficiency in measuring, documenting and integrating vital signs parameters to patient medical records at the touch of a button.


Bedside Monitor PM-4000 series

This monitor has two types of indicators. One is PPV(Pulse Pressure Variability), another one is SPV(Systolic pressure variability). PVM-4761 infused with different types of standard parameters: ECG, SpO2, NIBP.

Life scope G5/G7

Life Scope G5’s advanced features allow tailored customization across various hospital care areas. The G7 patient monitor delivers high-acuity features seamlessly integrated into its display unit. It’s bedside-ready, easy to mount, and expandable with four smart ports for added capabilities.



Trransitioning Back To Life

This light and compact device enables you to deliver a fast response to the patient on site. Nihon Kohden’s original innovative technology contributes to a better outcome for the patient and the integrated system for data transmission empowers your team to improve quality of resuscitation.


Improving quality of resuscitation

The TEC-5600 series offers rapid and efficient response capabilities in emergency situations. With a charging time of less than 4 seconds for 200 J using either AC power or a fully charged battery, this device ensures quick energy delivery during the observation of ventricular fibrillation (VF).


Safe and Efficient Treatment

The Cardiolife AED-3100 is the latest version of AED from Nihon Kohden. Cardiolife AED-3100 will guide the rescuer by using voice prompt designed in line with International Recommendations (ILCOR).


Automated external defibrillator with LCD display

AED-2150 is ideal for emergency use and can be operated easily by lay people. The voice output, which was designed in line with international recommendations (ILCOR), guides the user safely and systematically through the resuscitation procedures.



Medical suction unit

The OB3000 Portable Suction Unit from Boscarol is smaller, lighter and more powerful than any other it its class


Intraosseous Vascular Access System

The EZ-IO System provides intraosseous access for adult and pediatric patients when intravenous access is difficult or impossible to obtain in emergent, urgent, or medically medically necessary situations for up to 24hours.

QuikClot® EMS Rolled Gauze

QuikClot EMS Rolled Gauze is a sterile, soft white 3 in. x 4 ft. nonwoven hemostatic gauze impregnated with kaolin, an inorganic mineral that activates Factor XII, which in turn accelerates the body’s natural clotting ability. Allowing you to control bleeding fast potentially giving you more time to attend to other tasks as you move patients through the continuum of care.

Reliable, Time-Critical Pelvic Stabilization

The T-POD Pelvic Stabilization Device from Teleflex provides circumferential compression to the pelvis in patients with suspected pelvic fracture for pelvic stabilization, which may reduce blood loss and pain.


Vie Scope™

Great View Unparalleled illumination Innovative patented intubating Laryngoscope

Adroit Surgical’s patented direct Vie (French: Life) Scope is a self-contained, battery powered, disposable scope that takes advantage of a closed circular tube with a beveled end to visualize the vocal cords.

bébé Vie Scope™

Self-contained, battery-powered, disposable laryngoscope

Adroit Surgical’s patented one size pediatric bébé Vie Scope™ is a self-contained, battery-powered, disposable laryngoscope for intubating toddlers to age 10 years. The light is transmitted through the sidewall of the tube from end to end, as well as within the lumen of the tube to give the user the best illumination of the vocal cords with minimal chance of light obstruction by secretions or blood.



microVENT Resuscitator

The microVENT is a market leading resuscitator, designed and developed in the United Kingdom. The microVENT World is an easy to use, reliable device for any time in any environment – whether you are at the scene of an emergency, in an ambulance, in a helicopter or at a hospital. Suitable for adults and children.

Entonox® Demand Value

Designed to be extremely strong and durable

Entonox Demand Valve has been designed to be user friendly with low respiratory effort for the patient and also give the end user maximum value for money  utilising generic filter systems, a 7-year warranty and 5-year service interval.

Oxygen Regulator

International Regulators

High-pressure regulators for medical use and within this are our international models. They are available for use with any medical gas with any inlet and outlet fitting needed to meet local requirements and specifications.


130M Series Medical Regulator

Click-Style Gas Regulator

Gentec click-style EMS oxygen regulators are available with either CGA 870 or CGA 540 inlet connections. These durable Chrome-plated brass body, 1/2″ diameter UL-listed gauge, a locking ring on the T-handle to prevent accidental removal, and the FDA and NIOSH-recommended sealing-type washers.

Oxygen Flowmeter with Humidifier

FM891 & FM897 Series
  • Polycarbonate flow tube and outer cover are impact resistant for maximum durability and service life
  • Chrome-plated brass (FM891, FM897B) or Anodized aluminum body (FM897A)
  • With choices of quick connections: Ohmeda, DISS, Chemetron, Puritan-Bennett, FS, GS, BS, JIS, SIS
  • Back pressure compensated and calibrated at 50 psi *



Light and compact lung ventilator

Falco 202 EVO is a light and compact lung ventilator of new generation, with built-in turbine system and wide 10,4″ colour display Touch Screen, offering a wide range of Invasive and Non-Invasive ventilation modalities for treatment of adult, paediatric, neonatal and premature patients thanks to its dedicate software, which allows to set a Tidal Volume from 2 ml.


Lung ventilator of latest generation

Falco 202 is a lung ventilator of latest generation, light and compact, turbine driven and equipped with a 9″colour display able to offer a wide range of ventilation modes both invasive and non-invasive for the treatment of adults and paediatric patients.


Emergency, lung ventilators

The high standard technology combined with simple and intuitive settings, makes this ventilator a very easy to use and reliable equipment. The new ventilator model Sirio Baby 200 is integrated with the spirometry and it includes a double oxygen and air supply for a setting of the FiO2 from 21% to 100%; moreover, it’s equipped with a long duration battery.



Quick Evacuation of the patient

With PAX Rescue-BOA tested according to DIN EN 1865-1. Delivery is carried out in a practical protection bag. In case of emergency, the incorporated fleece blanket can be used for the conservation of body heat.